Thursday, August 20, 2009

London and/or bust

I'm living in a privileged state of poverty. Somehow despite chronic joblessness – since my ill-fated stint as a D-list TV show host / life coach's assistant (read: fall girl) – I'm still living in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in London, in a house with a sunny garden, thanks to a sweet couple I met one year ago today.

While I'm choosing rice over roasts and eggs over chicken, and avoiding leaving the house – because even that costs money in London – my new friends have chosen me over privacy.

And it is here that I should note, they've recently gotten engaged to be married. I like to think of myself now as their trial child, as I'm currently occupying their yet-to-be-firstborn's bedroom. To make it more authentic, I've asked them to please adopt me, but they played the British bureaucracy card, claiming that laws restrict people from adopting adults older than themselves. Despite their loving nature and kindness toward me, it's become apparent I've got no chance of being the favourite.

Not long after I made my request, they proposed another living situation for me. One that'll keep me in the neighbourhood, but out of their house. I'm seeing it today, and if all goes well, I'll have a space of my own – shared with two others, that is. Meaning I might finally unpack my suitcase, hang the art I carried from Canada 6 months ago, and solidify friendships over for dinner and wine at mine.

Sure I'll have to work my ass off, working back-to-back shifts at the first jobs that come my way, be they street canvassing, conducting telephone surveys or collecting glasses at a pub for the privilege, but nothing has ever seemed more worth it.

It's about time I start thanking all my new friends for letting me in on London's best-kept secret: It's not all smog and rain.

This, I've since been informed, is the requisite photo newcomers take of London's residential streets and power lines. I may not be original, but at least I'm starting to blend in.


DavidP said...

Nice designs, BUT, how do you find your own place if you're colour blind?

Kate Savage said...

Oh, it's just another way London likes to tease its residents. Thank goodness for Google Maps, that's all I have to say!

petro said...

Much like parents when you leave the nest we want you within reaching distance so we can regularly pop in unannounced, unlike parents we'll prob be nicking food from your fridge. Now stop with this blog business and carry on tackling our unwieldly wallpaper.

wyliekat said...

I hope it's a lovely place that speaks to you. You've earned a bit of positivity from that miserly town.

Kate Savage said...

Speaking of food and wallpaper, the world should know your spare room was once painted army green, olive green, blood red, baby blue and mauve. You might be the first one to live there with taste!

petro said...

ha ah ah- and you and your beloved thought you were making a quick buck! You should know though it was him that insisted on stripping the walls in the first pleace- tee hee hee.

Kate Savage said...

petro - To be fair, I have to earn my keep somehow! I'm sure I still owe you dinner and maybe a short stand-up comic routine in exchange, or something! x