Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chipstick it

As a Canadian living in England, it's confusing enough for me to have to call fries chips, and chips crisps, but to make chips that look like fries, or rather crisps that look like chips, or chip-crisps and call them chipsticks?

England, you mess with my head.

If you are what you eat, I'm an identity crisis.


Anonymous said...


I'm in London too!

London,Ontario,Canada LOL

Kate Savage said...

Poor you!

noelle said...

Just fresh off my experiences traveling through Italy and Greece, I must contribute. These countries, and I would guess most of Europe, have the most inspired chip/crisp flavors I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Thai chili, ketchup, oregano, and even shrimp cocktail flavored chips proved to be a true epicurean delight!

Kate Savage said...

Ketchup is my fave Canadian delight. That, and roast chicken. When I first arrived in London, it was the Cajun Squirrel. Or, as they say in London, Cajun Skwohwohwohwoh.