Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pork and Poker, they did

My hometown on the east coast of Canada is the sort where everyone knows your name, like the small town version of the classic show, Cheers, but not as friendly and with more alcohol.

While I left nearly twelve years ago, my immediate family still lives there, and I'm very interested in whatever happens, because it probably involves someone I know. Thanks to at-home technology and self-publishing – and one woman's hobby that's inadvertently rendered the weekly paper redundant – I can follow everything that goes on via an independent online news source. I especially enjoy wedding announcements for couples sharing the same last name, before the ceremony. You'd think I'd be over that by now.

Yesterday, my sister sent me a quick email, telling me to check the site. I knew there'd be something good, and while it wasn't immediately obvious, I finally found it under the heading, Pork and Poker.

Pork and Poker. Say it out loud. What does that sound like to you?

On that page was a photo of my sister, accepting a cheque for hundreds of dollars. My sister participated in an event that can be summed up with the heading, Pork and Poker, and she got money for it.

The fact that it was a family-friendly contest involving a card game and community supper doesn't detract one bit from my enjoyment of this otherwise extremely perverted news.


Wyliekat said...

I wanna win something by that name!

pistols at dawn said...

Your sister sounds like my kind of girl, for reasons that go beyond the headlines: also because she has some money, and I could use that money to obtain booze.

Kate Savage said...

Wylie - I wanna win SOMETHING!

Pistols - So I don't even have to mention that other thing she can do?

Entrepreneur Life said...

That name just sounds oh so naughty, where do I enter a contest like that?

pistols at dawn said...

Skip rope? I assume that's what you meant.