Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I need is you

"You need me," my boyfriend said, pressing his hand against my back, keeping me close. I'd just jumped at him for a quick hug, and it was nice that he took time to savour it. I smiled.

He knows it's true. And I liked his confidence.

"You need me," he repeated. And after only a short pause, said it again, "You need me."

It was getting weird. But what the hell, I played along.

"OK, I neeeeeed you."

He squinted. What's he getting at, I wondered, feeling at a loss. Then he reached his hand down to the front of his jeans, gingerly cupping himself, before saying it one last time in a way I finally understood.

"You KNEED me!"

When he recovered, we decided both were true.


mo.stoneskin said...

Good work. The ability to knee a chap in the nads is an excellent skill to have.

Kate Savage said...

It was the first badge I ever received at Girl Guides.

miss. chief said...

What, couldn't you hear the 'k'? haha

Raven said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

wyliekat said...

You kneeded him?

Then that's true love.

kirsten said...

It was getting weird. But what the hell, I played along.

F**king funny.

I've missed you! I love it when I have about a gazillion blog posts to catch up. S'the best.

Unbob said...

Here I thought he was COMMANDING you: "Knead me, woman!"

UnBob said...

Happy Knew Year!