Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Surviving London

You may be wondering, considering my last few posts, whether it was my neighbourhood, a double-decker bus, bubonic smog, Margaret Thatcher or my extremely intense new job that killed me – because clearly that's the only way I'd ever take so long to update.

But you should know me better. It was the partying.

Look! There I am in my backyard with great intentions to write. It's not my fault the lawn was so irresistibly horizontal after a night out with some quality, new friends in London. That's not really juice, by the way. It's the hair of an extremely vicious orange dog.


I'm Kate... said...

I'm not going to lie.... I was getting worried. Glad you are ok!

i am playing outside said...

very glad to hear that you're have a blast!

but woah, yo... where did all your twittering go? or is this another twitter isnt working properly moment?

Lisa said...

Does this mean 666 is your new lucky number, and you got the job? Congrats!

Enjoy the sunshine, and be glad you aren't in Montreal where it snowed all day.

Raven said...

Congrats on the job (and not getting run down yet), now you can relax and live a little. Cheers ;)

Kate Savage said...

I'm Kate - Good! I'm glad I am not the only one worried about me :P London is keeping me busier than I've ever been in my entire life.

i am playing outside - I think Twitter is tweaking out!

Lisa - It's been sunny in London since I arrived, and Montreal was sunny all the time when I was there (I've disassociated from any experience with snow), so I'm starting to think I may actually be the cause of global warming.

Raven - THANKS! Now, the trick is going to be keeping it. It's crazy here, with the credit crunch and all that. Every time I tell people I have a job, instead of asking what it IS, they say, "WOW!"

UnBob said...

I wasn't worried. She's done this before.

If it's been so sunny there, then why are your legs so pale? snurk

I'm Kate... said...

Ok.... I'm worried about you now. Where did you go??

Wes said...

Yes... I hope she is still 'Surviving London'

Kate Savage said...

Unbob, I'm Kate and Wes - Thanks for knowing me at least that well. Seems I always think I can keep up to date, but the truth is, when there's the most things to write ABOUT, there's less time to write.

I'll be back. I could never leave you.