Friday, October 03, 2008

The 'big prize' for learning French

"I should warn you," said my friend, J, who's witnessed every bad dating decision I've made since becoming single again two years ago. "Grand Prix asked about you."

Grand Prix is a friend of a friend of a friend, and the sort of guy who could be attractive if he changed his shirt, cut back on the beer and said something coherent, but that's just not his style.

He's had a major crush on our friend Cathy for quite a while, which manifests for her as unwanted awkward, drunken advances at gigs, in French, a language she doesn't know and the only one he does.

For Grand Prix, Cathy's beauty compensates both for her total lack of interest in him and her complete inability to speak his language, so he continues his pursuit convinced she'll eventually come around. Two years of dedication and he's holding strong, and she's still ducking into crowds to evade him.

"Yeah, he was all excited," J went on. "Apparently, you spoke with him in French, and now he thinks you'd make a better date than Cathy, because all she knows how to say is 'no'."

Second language math, originally uploaded by Kate Savage.


Ace C said...

Good stuff. Sounds like Grand Prix is going to get a woman whether anyone wants him too are not. You have to give the guy some credit. He's going to push until he can't anymore. I say keep going until you see the checkered flag buddy.

pistols at dawn said...

One of men's greatest abilities is an inability - the inability to see when she's never going to say yes. I blame romantic comedies. And personality disorders.

wyliekat said...

And now, you get to duck and cover for years. Lucky you!

Kate Savage said...

Ace - Don't encourage him, Ace. He already gets all the encouragement he needs from beer.

Pistols - Personality disorder? You make it sound like he's my type.

Wyliekat - Enter London, England!! Find me there, Grand Prix!!

bernthis said...

found you on Blogher. I dated a guy like Grand Prix, no wait, dated is not the right word. FWB is more like it since I was too embarassed for him to ever meet my friends. LOL

Kate Savage said...

Bernthis - I'll go ahead and assume you were drunk. Not that it's a great excuse, but it helps. :P

Yay BlogHer, by the way! Woot!