Thursday, September 11, 2008

Merrymaking with mischief-makers

I love to travel solo, but when the little monsters asked to accompany me on my first trip to England and Ireland, I couldn't refuse. I really couldn't. They're monsters, and I just can't risk responsibility for inciting their wrath. Thankfully, my best friend in London agreed to help chaperone the unpredictable and tactless duo during my three-week sojourn. The monsters helped us make no friends. No friends at all.

Click here to see the monsters' most terrible vacation memories, and read their captions to learn why monsters think "England, Ireland suck".

Monsters no pay, no see nada, originally uploaded by Kate Savage. Monster photos are a collaborative effort of Kate Savage and the lovely main photographer, La Perla Esperanza.


pistols at dawn said...

Good times. I can get along with anyone or anything over a bottle of Jameson.

Unless they want some too.

Trixie Fontaine said...


Anonymous said...

stop being so hilarious. you're upstaging me. haha.

Fuzzy said...

I really had a fun time reading those 2 morons' travel journal and album. You have much more patience that I would, traveling with such a duo. ;-)