Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clover, 11:11 and other people's birthday candles

I'm willing to use any tactic I can to make what's about to happen as fun as is romantically possible. And it's about time I update and tell you all about it.

Remember when I admitted to you that I met an English boy on the internet? And then I went on to describe that, despite how wonderful he is, I'm totally embarrassed about how we've met? And then I dared you all to heckle me, but you just egged me on instead?

Well, thanks. I'm all packed for London.

[Here's the original post.]

We're both ecstatically terrified. We meet on Thursday afternoon, in the historic centre of the city, for the first time in person. It's not a blind date, not at all, but I've also never watched his mouth move when he speaks to me, and I've never even laid a single dirty finger on him. I do plan to, though, if he lets me. And, he really should let me.

Over the phone, I sometimes have trouble understanding little bits of what he says, but not as much trouble as I let on. Certain words sound particularly silly, and I like him to repeat them, for kicks. Certain things he says to me make my whole world spin a bit, like an amusement park ride, and I make him repeat those, too.

I really do like him as much as is possible to like someone I haven't yet met.

I'll let you know if I like him as much as is possible to like someone I have met, too.


wyliekat said...

W00t! Go sister, go! You'll likely find that the chemistry is as good in person as it is over the phone, once you get over your jitters.

Kate Savage said...

Awww! I just finished writing this at 4 AM, had a little nap, woke up with butterflies exploding from my chest and filling the room, and you've already got my back! Thanks, Wylie.

I think so, too.

Bing said...


I found your site from my 1111 Google Alert. My name is Bing and I am a 1111 Lightworker. If you would like to know more about 1111 please follow the links that I have attached below.



I have also included some inspirational videos for you as well. I am not connected to the authors, but I do enjoy the messages. The last link is to a site that has the greatest meditation, relaxation music ever.

By the way I wish you all the best on your trip to England. May you find the love of your life at the end of this journey. I am such an old mush and just love a great love story. I'll have a chat with Archangel Chamuel for you.






Throw some love into the wind

Kate Savage said...

You can use my heart for self-promotion, I don't mind.

Bing said...

Hi Kate

I just thought that you should check out the time of your post and that of Wyliecat. Both of them are time prompt notifications; especially yours.

I don't want to come across as someone who has an agenda. I have a "Google Alert" for 11:11 and receive information about people who have noticed this synchronicity in their lives. When I notice that they perhaps would like further information I send them the links. What they do with them is entirely their choice. I am not trying to influence anyone or change their beliefs. After I leave a message I just leave them be. I am an old soul who just likes to send love wherever, and to whomever I can. As a Lightworker I try to raise the level of Light, Life, and Love on our world one smile, one random act of kindness and one person at a time. I have already spoken to Archangel Chamuel on your behalf and I am sure you will have a very enjoyable journey.

Throw some love into the wind

Kate Savage said...

Sweet! I can use all the help I can get. Tell Chamuel, thanks. I think we're old friends.

Annie said...

Aw.. Good luck! That's so exciting...

pistols at dawn said...

I wish you both well, despite my personal desire that all attractive ladies who can write well remain single forever just in case I'm near them at any point in my life. I suppose losing one of you to a good story that will beget other good stories won't kill me.

And if it does, then I imagine that'd be a pretty good story, too. Just make sure I'm devastatingly handsome and can shoot lasers from my eyes when you tell it.

Raven said...

Good Luck Kate!!! Cant wait to read all about it when you return.

wyliekat said...


99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer . . .

I, uh. Yes.

Have fun!

Bob Stein said...

These are the magical times when every thought in your head could be the title of a country song. Happy trails, you four-leaf, number-loopy freak.

P.S. Is there a limit to how much you can like someone you have or have not met?

Leslee said...

Good luck with love, life and your English excursions!

I believe in luck and prayers - so between your run ins with 4 leaf clovers and nice google men who pray for you to find love, I think you'll do just fine, somehow.

Anonymous said...

good luck! i can't wait to hear about it!

Bob Stein said...

You say more between two lines than most writers in 1,111. Your fairytale is exhilarating. Do those who love you most encourage more caution or less?

Kate Savage said...

Considering what's currently going on with me, I'm starting to really believe it's not so unlikely that I might also win the lottery.

I like involving you all in my love life, and thanks all for your comments. Thanks so, so much! Too much is happening for me to handle it all by myself.