Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take me to India, over coffee

Dangerously, I've encountered a man who has the power to make me fall desperately, actively in love with everything he shows me. I'm at his mercy. This morning he's managed to make me homesick for India, and for all the places in the world I've not yet travelled, chest-achingly desperate to be there, absolutely everywhere, right at this moment. Ouch.

He's Jonathan Clark, a photographer, and you can see his genius, too.

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kirsten said...

Hi Kate,

I'm so happy you've opened up the comments!

I found your blog very recently, love it madly, and wanted to say as much. Then realised there was no commenting feature. Of course, I could've emailed. But where's the spontaneity in that?! :)

And I too am a huge fan of Jon's photos. He's a very talented bloke. When I feel homesick and want to torture myself, I go and look at his NZ sets. He manages, in his images, to capture the spirit of the place utterly.