Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Wonky eye

It's so poetic that in the same week I find my first wrinkle, I also start losing my vision.

To be fair, it's a laugh line. It follows the curve of my smile and when I am old, it will tell my great nieces and nephews that I was a happy person.

While it might not really speak of my authentic experience as a child of the 80s, adolescent of the 90s and woman of the new will give them a warm feeling. Maybe by then I will hold sweet-old-lady status.

I do not, however, want anything to do with that status until I am age-d.

Here I am, spending hours in front of the computer obsessing over class assignments in an attempt to discover the perfect combination of key strokes. Breaking the code means an 'A'. An 'A' means publishable work in the PR world of education.

The trouble is, I got one. Now that my professor has decided I write publishable Public Relations pieces, I have to keep up the good work. "Keeping up the good work" is what someone has to do in order not to disappoint themselves. Keeping up, as I've discovered, is hard on a person.

To complete the major mid-term project before leaving last weekend for Ontario, (where I spent Canadian Thanksgiving with my delightfully-drunken extended family) I had to stare at the computer screen for hours.

I now have double-vision. I now have double-vision.

Hmm. Maybe NOW would be a good time to take a break from my computer.

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