Friday, June 27, 2003

Slowly, but surely

Yes, I'm still around. The reason why I haven't written anything to prove it, is that there are a lot of other people around, too. My two sisters, both almost 15 years my senior just flew to Montreal to escape their small hometowns for a week. It would have been ideal if only they didn't nag and prod each other like they've been doing for the last 35 years.

We had a fun-filled week despite the sibling rivalry. When they first arrived, they were both on their best behaviour so we spent a bit of time enjoying the Montreal street festivals and sampling foods that simply aren't available in Nova Scotia's bologne country. We had Pho and souvlaki, Montreal smoked meat, vindaloo and naan, cocktails, microbrewed everything and Brazilan breakfast. It was delightful...but left me bloated and craving some grilled cheese sandwiches...or something equally bland.

It was so fun to have a houseful of people I love, but my live-in love was absent. I guess he was trying to give me space; some alone time with my sisters. Little did he realize that they were here to shed all responsibility and party down. He missed out on quite a bit, and I missed him.

Yesterday, in the heart of rush hour, we drove them to the airport. He did so begrudgingly because he wanted to go swimming with his friend instead, but I insisted he make a little sacrifice and show our guests some Maritime hospitality on their way home at least. Hospitality means being totally willing to inconvenience yourself and make light of it for the sake of your visitors. I became frustrated with him for not realizing this. Apparently in the suburbs of Ottawa where he was raised, this type of hospitality is not required when it comes to rush hour traffic.

Once we dropped them off, we drove to a mall in the area to enjoy the air conditioning and wait out the rest of the rush. He decided that I really need to learn how to drive to the airport. I do. I need to practice, but I had a raging emotional hangover from the recent departure of my beloved family, and I just wasn't in the mood...

(account of mild emotional breakdown to follow...)

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